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Improved histological fixation of gelatinous marine invertebrates


Original Glass Water Repellant (Illinois Tool Works, Inc). Rain-X? ... The tissues of gelatinous marine invertebrates are often difficult to fix. ... Tool Works, the Rain-X? ... immediate family members have any financial, commercial, professional, legal, or personal relationship with Illinois ... before proceeding to our standard aldehyde fixation protocol for in situ hybridization greatly improved ... ...

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Conspecific odor cues induce different vocal responses in serrate-legged small treefrogs, but only in the absence of acoustic signals


Serrate-legged small treefrogs (_Kurixalus odontotarsus_) are suitable model species to assess whether ... from conspecifics, but only in the absence of acoustic signals. ... Male serrate-legged treefrogs adjust competition strategies according to visual or chemical cues from ... Nevertheless, few studies have investigated whether conspecific odor cues affect male's calling behavior ... odors, female odors, and stress odors) from conspecifics affect male's calling strategies in serrate-legged ... ...

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Whitehall Bigfoot Guardian Pat Sparks Dies


Beast of Whitehall, Bigfoot, Cliff Sparks, Dies, Eyewitness, Golf, New York, Obituary, Pat Sparks, Skene ... Life Network and History Channel both visited and interviewed Cliff. ... "_ _In 1975, golf course owner Cliff Sparks, at the Skene Valley Country Club in Whitehall, New York ... Today, if you visit the Sparks' Skene Valley Country Club, 129 Country Road 9a, Whitehall, you can see ... _He married his childhood friend and high school sweetheart, Patricia Ann Thomas, in 1955, in Niagara ... ...

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Timothy Green Beckley Dies


Lobsang Rampa, Commander X, Brad Steiger, John Keel, Tracy Twyman, Wendelle Stevens and a host of many ... publish the Interplanetary News Service Report. ... Clark writes "He was numbered among the generation of teen ufologists (Beckley, Steinberg, Halperin, ... Today he is the president of Inner Light/Global Communications and editor of the Conspiracy Journal and ... _On Memorial Day 2021, word spread on social media that Timothy Green Beckley passed away. ... ...

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Cellular proliferation dynamics during regeneration in Syllis malaquini (Syllidae, Annelida)


, including data on the cellular proliferation dynamics by using an EdU/BrdU labelling approach, in order ... Additionally, by tracking S-phase cells using thymidine analogues, we also describe the cellular proliferation ... in _Syllis malaquini_. ... Our results on cellular proliferation showed that S-phase cells present in the body before bisection ... dynamics of anterior and posterior regeneration in Syllidae (Errantia). ... ...

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Weird Animal News


Cryptozoology Museum, International Cryptozoology Society, Lake Monsters, Living Dinosaurs, Living ... , Coelacanth, Comics, Conferences, Crazy Crocs, Cryptid, Cryptid Canids, Cryptid Cinema, Cryptoart, Cryptotourism ... "I can't be the next Charles Fort, but Charlotte Fort suits me fine." ~ Melanie Billings, 2012 by ... , Cryptozoology, Giant Squid, Loch Ness Monster, Pop Culture, Replica Cryptia, Sasquatch, Sea Monsters ... , Forensic Science, Giant Cryptid Reptiles, Giant Snakes, Goatman, Jersey Devil, Lake Monsters, Lizard ... ...

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, International Cryptozoology Museum, International Cryptozoology Society, Lake Monsters, Living Dinosaurs ... Cryptozoology Society, Lake Monsters, Loch Ness Monster, Men in Cryptozoology, Minnesota Iceman, New ... , Coelacanth, Comics, Conferences, Crazy Crocs, Cryptid, Cryptid Canids, Cryptid Cinema, Cryptoart, Cryptotourism ... , Living Fossils, Lizard People, Loch Ness Monster, Mapinguary, Media Appearances, Megafauna, Megalodon ... Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine. ... ...

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, Museums, Obituaries, Ogopogo, Orang Pendek, Proto-Pygmies, Replica Cryptia, Sasquatch, Tom Page, Top ... Museum, Lake Monsters, Living Dinosaurs, Loch Ness Monster, Men in Cryptozoology, Mothman, Movie Monsters ... regions high above Twenty Mile Bay on Harrison Lake. ... Museum, International Cryptozoology Society, Men in Cryptozoology, Movie Monsters, Obituaries, Pop Culture ... , Finding Bigfoot, Footprint Evidence, Forensic Science, Fouke Monster, Hominology, International Cryptozoology ... ...

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Cat Country Author Di Francis Dies


Kellas Cats._ _Di Francis in 2009 during the annual Big Cats In Britain conference in Hull, Scotland ... Country was published, the Royal Marine Commandos were sent to Exmoor on the famous Exmoor Beast hunt ... England and attended school in Chelsea, before attending the Italia Conti drama school. ... (Credit: BCIB Blog editor Shaun Stevens)_ _During the past ten years, Di Francis has been writing ... The Haunting of Judy Page (2012)._ _Di Francis will be recalled within cryptozoology for her decades-long ... ...

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A small neighborhood well-organized: seasonal and daily activity patterns of the community of large and mid-sized mammals around waterholes in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia


We studied ecological segregation in a community of large and mid-sized mammals in the Great Gobi Desert ... _Table 5 Differences in the activity patterns of large and mid-sized mammals in the Gobi Desert, around ... mid-sized mammals around waterholes in the Great Gobi A Strictly Protected Area. ... of large and mid-sized mammals regarding their use of waterholes in the Gobi Desert, a key resource ... the activity patterns of large and mid-sized mammals for several reasons. ... ...

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